Aquerello - Modular Watercolor Brush for Plein Air Artist

Design Objective

The Project was part of understanding Product Development Cycle as a part of my Bachelor’s Degree Course in Product Design. The objective was to generate a modular brush set for Watercolor Artist that will help reduce the weight of brush set they need to carry for Plein (outdoor) painting and convenience of reducing the water container.

Problem Definition

Understand form study, re-engineer the conventional brush set into a modular product. Understand the needs of watercolor artist when they are on outdoor painting vacation, and generate a modular easy to assemble watercolor brush set to help them work with convenience and ease.

Design Concept

The conventional brush comes with natural or synthetic hair attached to wooden handle and artist need to carry at least 6 to 8 brush and three water container. The brush head was converted to screw type with squeezable body that can functions as water reservoir thus supplying fresh water at all times.

The Design Process

Multi-Brush Heads
Squeezy transparent water tank
Light Weight
Easy to assemble and use

The Aquerello is designed to with three sections. The front brush heads are interchangeable with a complete set from flat wash brush, to round stroke brush and thin detailing head made using natural hair or synthetic fiber. The middle water tank is designed in rounded edge triangular shape with transparent soft silicone molded into firm poly-carbonate/plastic threads so as to allow water to be squeezed to wash brush head. The end threaded cap, two end threads have been designed so as fill water from both the end.

The soft modular watercolor brush will reduce the weight of kit that an watercolor artist carries outdoor for plein air paintings, it also resolves and reduces the quantity of water that is used during complete painting that is utilized for washing the brushes.

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