Assisted Drinking Aid

Assisted Mug designed to reduce pain and anxiety in patients with impaired hand mobility

Design Objective

The Project was part of understanding Product Development Cycle as a part of my Bachelor’s Degree Course in Product Design. The objective was to Study the problem and anxiety faced by patients with impaired hand mobility and Design Assisted Drinking Aid that will help reduce the pain and strain on their hand during drinking hot or cold beverages.

Problem Definition

Joint Impairment has been found The study was to aimed to understand the cause of the ailment, problems and inconvenience faced by patients with impaired hand mobility. How do they cope with the physical as well as psychological trauma for every morning cup of tea. Design and Test prototype of assisted drinking aid.

Design Concept

Online survey and interview were conducted on patients with impaired hand mobility, the base of ideation started with conventional mug which they are comfortable with.I added another handle for thumb at 110 deg from the finger handle, for allowing comfortable hand grip. The measurements of the mug were based on 90 percentile palm measurements of Indians (Study by ESIC Institute of Gulbarga) the sizes were in close approximation with that of NASA.

The Design Process

I carried out research both online as well as by visiting hospitals to understand scenario of patients who were affected with impaired hand mobility and their psychological conditions faced during each day they had to face for the first cup of tea/coffee every morning. This was followed by understanding the products which are available in market – they were not many and did not satisfy as appropriate solution.

Carried out basic ideation using sketching, the best case scenario were then modeled using 3D software. Stress test and other analytics were studied and then prototype were generated using steel glass available in market. A prototype was also constructed out of plastic clay over a plastic bottle which was used as model during patient interview so as to understand the difference between holding the conventional mug and modified mug. Almost all patient expressed their satisfaction over the comfort given by the assisted mug.

The mug design concept was submitted for Microsoft Design Challenge 2020. The same was accepted but the decision was postponed due to Covid-19 Pandemic.

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