Pizza Slicer

Pizza Slicer redesign that will give you crisp edge slices every time

Design Objective

The Project was part of understanding Product Development Cycle as a part of my Bachelor’s Degree Course in Product Design. The objective was to Study the conventional pizza cutter available in the market. Manufacture a scaled up version in workshop with readily available material and generate a refined 3D model.

Problem Definition

Understand form study, re-engineer conventional pizza cutter and learn how to handle manufacturing machines. Develop skills in sketching to ideation and generation of working 3D model.

Design Concept

The conventional pizza cutter disc was converted to slotted blade with triangular sleeve so as to impart maximum vector force on the pizza during cutting giving a crisp cut and thin blade imparts no dragging of cheese.

The Design Process


A project was part of form study and innovation of a existing product during my second semester. I was given a commonly household product – the pizza slicer. The aim was to buy the product from market, disassemble it, and recreate a scaled version in workshop. Later design and render one innovation from of the product using digital software.


I recreated the pizza cutter with a scaling factor of 1.2 times using SI sheet for the cutting blade, wooden handle, later I designed and created improved version of pizza cutter using Fusion 360.

Software Used:

Fusion 360 for 3D Modelling

Materials Used for Prototyping:

Steel Disk 2.5 mm for blade
Wood for Handle
Aluminum Sheet for frame

Replication of conventional pizza cutter with scaling and Redesign of conventional pizza cutter to improve its utility and aesthetic sense.

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