Protello 360° View Faceshield

Protello - 360° View Face Mask for Delivery Boys during Covid-19 Pandemic

Design Objective

The Project was part of understanding Product Development Cycle as a part of my Bachelor’s Degree Course in Product Design. The objective was to design product for tackling Covid-19 pandemic in terms of maintaining social distancing and safety.

Problem Definition

Delivery crew were the first hit after front line workers during the present Covid-19 pandemic. Working tirelessly to deliver essentials and luxury items, amid the Covid-19 crisis, deliver boys have been most often at the receiving end of wrath of customers. As part of Project for my 4th year Product Design degree, I took up challenge to design full face covering head gear having maximum eye coverage and portable design

Design Concept

Retractable light weight full face covered head gear designed using the body protection followed by Armadillo. The head gear can be strapped easily on the existing backpack the delivery boys carry or even on the box cart behind the two-wheeler. The front cover can be pulled using a string which covers right from the back and will rest on the chest thus covering the complete face.

The Design Process

360 View Face mask
Easy Interlocking Design
Light Weight
Nature Inspired Design

The ProtellO is designed to have a firm body made of High-Density Poly-carbonate so as to maintain transparency in the front as well as sustain daily rough outdoor usage.

The retractable hinged crescent pieces uses a simple overlapping mechanism just like the armadillo that enables its user to easily retract the shield without much contact with the face enabling extra protection and ease of use.

Simple slots on the outermost segment allows the head gear to be strapped onto the backpack and hence will retain its position so delivery boy can slip in and out easily on reaching destination.

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